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In this era of technology explosion, 3D printing technology into the classroom has become more and more normal. 3D printing technology can assist teachers to carry out teaching and help students understand the essence of core technology at this stage. The application of 3D printing technology in classroom teaching is a new learning method which enables students to experience the perfect combination of visual effect and tactile effect. It plays a great role in activating classroom atmosphere and expanding students'imagination and thinking ability. The traditional education mode has gradually been replaced by innovative education mode (creator education).

In recent years, more and more higher education majors are exploring innovative teaching mode, integrating 3D printing technology with teaching system, and creating a perfect teaching mode. On the one hand, the use of 3D printers can improve students'technical proficiency and cultivate students' scientific and technological literacy. On the other hand, the use of 3D printers to print out three-dimensional models can significantly improve students'design creativity and thinking development.

At present, three kinds of 3D printing technologies, SLA, FDM and DLP, are most commonly used in teaching. They are mainly used to make models. Compared with other technologies, DLP printing technology is widely used in the teaching field of universities at home and abroad because of its high maturity, rapid prototyping, fast processing speed, short production cycle and no cutting. Tools and tools, reduce the cost of error repair and other advantages, but also through on-line operation and remote control to process complex structure shape or difficult to use traditional means of prototype and die.

Specific Application in Teaching

(1) Mathematics students can print out their "questions" and find answers in the model, such as printing a geometry, so that they can analyze the data more intuitively.

(2) Engineering design students can use it to print out their own prototype products for testing, research and exploration.

(3) Architectural students can use it to print out their own design of building entity model.(4) History students can use it to copy and print archaeological objects for further observation and restoration.

(5) Graphic design students can use it to make 3D versions of design works and some basic design models.

(6) Students of the Department of Geography can use it to draw real topographic maps, population maps or geographic models.

(7) Food department students can use it to print the product shape of food.

(8) Students of Vehicle Engineering can print a variety of physical car parts for testing.

(9) Students of the Department of Chemistry can print out the molecular model and observe it. They can understand the molecular structure intuitively.

(10) Biology students can print out samples of cells, viruses, organs and other required organisms.

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